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Who's behind RunAClub?

Meet The Team and the RunAClub Advisors

Sally, our CEO, came up with the idea of RunAClub after she set up a large local youth club. Read our story below or take a look at our animated film.

The RunAClub team collectively has a wealth of expertise and experience working in youth services, education, volunteering, social enterprise and the charity sector.

How did RunAClub start?

A few years ago some young people near where I live were causing a bit of mischief. It reminded me how teenagers can easily lose their way if there’s a lack of ‘stuff to do’. All they needed was a fun and safe place to go to channel their energies more positively. That’s when I set up the youth club.

It was hard work getting started, but it was all worth it when we had 40-50 teenagers taking part in our packed programme of activities. Even though I worked with youth services and education, it was still very tough navigating the multitude of obstacles to get our club off the ground – and don’t get me started on the endless red tape!

The club was a resounding success. As it went from strength to strength a lot of people, including community leaders from around the country, asked me for advice. The idea of RunAClub emerged – and this animated film tells our story brilliantly.

With my hands-on experience and professional expertise I developed an ‘all-in-one’ toolkit for individual clubs, local authorities or national organisations who want to create successful clubs that meet local community needs.

RunAClub is the definitive toolkit I wish I’d had before I started. Now it’s available to buy.


The other good news is that the youth club I set up is still thriving. Some of the young people became club volunteers and others have gone on to study or start their working life.

I’d like to think RunAClub will inspire others to do what I did; I passionately believe it’s the best tool of its kind on the market – for any type of club. With all that it offers you’ll fly through the red tape and be able to focus on running your club, which is, after all, the best bit.

Good luck!

Sally Higham, RunAClub Founder and CEO

Meet The Team.

RunAClub is a Limited Company, registered in the UK
Company registration number: 07529352
VAT registration number: 156 6184 91

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